Tuesday, March 24, 2009

DS Najib: Kita perlu pemimpin yang ''Berani Berubah'' dan ''Berani Menegur''

'' Berani Menegur '' Pak Lah

"Kita bawa semula UMNO menelusuri landasan sebenar.

Untuk itu, kita perlukan barisan pemimpin

yang berani berubah dan sanggup menerima perubahan;

yang berani menegur dan terbuka pula menerima teguran." - Najib Razak

Ucapan Dasar Timbalan Presiden UMNO YAB Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak merasmikan persidangan serentak Wanita, Pemuda dan Puteri UMNO Selasa 24 Mac 2009 Dewan Merdeka, PWTC, Kuala Lumpur

Teks penuh ucapan disini


Anonymous said...

Benteng Negara...agak terang apa yang DS najib kata. Tapi lagi terang nampak duit. Tu pasal perwakilan pilih jugak kj. Jadi esok kita boleh agak yang mat taib akan menang dan muhyiddin kalah. Carbon copy apa yang jadi hari ini. Mukhriz dapat pencalonan paling sikit. Sedangkan anak monyet pon pilih dia. Jadi kita boleh agak yang memang perwakilan yang pilih kj tu bapak monyet. Hancur dah umno.

Sisingamangaraja Gorgor said...

Tetapi yang kita dapat malam ni... Pemimpin yang pandai bercakap tetapi berani menjual Negara...~

Nampaknya Panglima2 Nasional terpaksa bersedia bab nak berperang ngan Mr. Abraham dan anak murid bliau skalik...~

Nik Sharolbahri Bin Nik Rani said...

salam memperjuangkan UMNO bersama...........

Insya Allah..........

Anonymous said...

Who Is The Richest Man In Malaysia? It Is Not Robert Kuok ! NO ! Dola Badawi

by Matthias Chang

Future FastForward, Monday, 23 June 2008 05:24

The Myth of the Richest Man

The Badawi spin doctors since last year have on at least four occasions published the list of the 40 richest men in Malaysia and heading the list is Robert Kuok of the Shangri-la Hotel chain fame.
Everyone seems to accept this pronouncement as Gospel truth!

But this is a lie, a lie perpetrated to divert attention and the spotlight on the two men who controls the Malaysian economy.
The 2nd richest man in Malaysia is none other than Tun Daim, but he is never on the list of the rich and famous.

But my focus is not on him.
I want the spotlight to focus on the actual richest man in Malaysia.
He is none other than Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, our Prime Minister. Badawi's financial tentacles reach far and wide and within four years, his family and cahoots have amassed a fortune second to none.
How did Badawi and his family become so rich in such a short period of time?

This is the multi-billion dollar question.
Simple! By abusing his powers as Prime Minister and as Finance Minister!

The Rothschild's Game Plan

Mayer Amshel Bauer Rothschild, the founder of the Rothschild money empire said:

"Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the law."

And over the years, the Rothschild dynasty and its global affiliates have applied this principle so successfully that they control the US Federal Reserve and other strategic central banks.

They are the global money power!

The Money Powers of Badawi

It is strange how people forget or rather ignore the fact that Badawi is also the Finance Minister.

The combined powers of a Prime Minister and that of the Finance Minister have enabled Badawi to harness all the financial resources and control levers of the national money-making machine.
No doubt, the precedent was set by Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. But you will recall that it was only after the 1997 financial crisis and the abuse of power by Anwar Ibrahim as Finance Minister, and his slavish adherence to the IMF, World Bank and the Washington Consensus, that compelled Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad to take over the Ministry of Finance, so as to put right the economy.

Under the guidance of Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, the economy recovered rapidly and by the fall of 2003, we had a robust economy that enabled Badawi to call for the March 2004 General Elections. Badawi's enormous election victory was grounded to a large extent on an economy that had fully recovered from the turmoil of 1997/1998 crisis.

Badawi and his family, specifically his son and son-in-law and key advisers realised upon taking power that they have in their hands all the control levers of the national money-making machine – the levers that control Bank Negara (the central bank) and Petronas, the national oil company.
Obviously, there are the subsidiary levers that control the various government agencies that have been established to assist the national money-making machine.

All the Positive Data, But …

Every other week since March 2004, we have been inundated with positive data as to how robust is our economy. The Governor of Bank Negara never ceased to remind us that inflation is low and under control. I have to assume she does not go to the market to purchase food for her family - such chores must have been delegated to her maids etc.

Then there is the bravado and hype of the various development corridors amounting to a massive RM1.3 trillion.

But ask any businessmen, and they all moan and groan about the lack of direction, the loss of economic momentum and the slowdown in the collections of receivables.
How does one explain this phenomenon?

Let me explain. During Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad's tenure as Prime Minister, our economy was like a car cruising at a constant speed of 120 kph after 22 years of building up the speed and momentum. We were experiencing a steady and comfortable ride.
Applying the laws of physics, a matter in motion has its own momentum, but if the momentum is not maintained, it slows down and then comes to a halt.
This is exactly what is happening to our economy. It is now moving but at a slower rate, in fact decreasing rapidly because the Badawi regime did not maintain the previous momentum.

The Badawi regime, instead of applying the levers of the national money-making machine to accelerate the development of the country, has diverted the resources for self-enrichment. The ensuing disaster was compounded by gross negligence and mismanagement by his advisers, the so-called smart wannabes on the 4th Floor!
This small band of crooks, led by Badawi and his family has initiated a process of self-enrichment and plunder. This disease has now infected the top echelons of the national elites in both the public and private sectors – everyone for himself - the cari makan, jaga perut mentality!

What Are the Chances of Recovery?

The damage to the economy by the Badawi regime is so extensive and the disease so widespread, that it will take at the minimum, ten years to recover from the present state of affairs and this is conditional upon Badawi stepping down before the 2nd half of this financial year.

This is because the present situation will be further aggravated by the impact and consequences of the global financial tsunami! The 2nd phase has been predicted by the experts to commence in less than 90 days!
But if the Badawi regime is allowed to survive and continue its plunder and gross mismanagement, Malaysia as a nation will end up as a failed state.

The Bumiputera community will suffer the most and because its fate is so tied up with the non-bumiputera economy, the entire edifice will implode and we will witness social upheaval never experienced by our beloved country.

Bring Back the Plundered Billions!

For a start, the entire nation must demand from the Badawi regime, its web of collaborators and "bankers" to repatriate the billions that have been siphoned and stashed overseas in numbered accounts in foreign banks.

The Bumiputera community must demand from the Badawi regime that they cease immediately the destruction of the Bumiputera economic and financial crown jewels.

30 years of the NEP has enabled the Bumiputera community to create and establish successful economic and financial entities, the pride of our nation. Proton is just one example of these sterling achievements.

If the Bumiputera community fails to reclaim its dignity and proud achievements, do not thereafter blame the non-bumiputera community and the foreign governments for not according you the respect you so deserve after more than 30 years of sweat and toil.

Take heed of my observations for they reflect the objective truth. Ignore them at your peril.
If you, my brothers and sisters fail, then I fail as well.
Therefore let us unite to resolve this national disaster.
Remove the malignant leadership!

tunku : the longer badawi stays, the more destruction he will bring to us.i hope everyone will open their eyes especially the bn members who always like morons stand firm behind this man.just push him and throw him far away if you love your country.

Anonymous said...

Wahai Ahli UMNO

Jangan Lupa Sejarah Khairy & Dollah, Ankara salah guna kuasa mereka, BN telah kehilangan 5 negeri. Mengapa rakyat biarkan PENGKHAINAT INI lepas begitu saja.
Mereka perlu disiasat di hukum dan dipenjara.

Sekira tindakan tidak diambil kerjaan akan HANCUR pada PRU 13 nanti.

Kenapa Najib perlu mempertahankan Khairy & Dollah dua orang ni, kemudian di PRU nanti hilang kuasa untuk memerentah negara.

Untuk berlaku adil, Siasat semua aktibiti Khairy, Scomi dan Patrick Lim Badawi semasa Dollah nenjadi PM.


Skandal ECM Libra

Skandal Monsoon Cup

Skandal Wang Ehsan yang dipegang oleh Dollah selama 5 tahun yang tidak di audit.

Skandal Misjid Kristal yang tidak diaudit

Skandal Ibrahim Ahmad, yang dapat kontrak kerjaan berbilion ringgit melalui pintu belakang.

Skandal " Oil for Food " Dollah

Skandal batal jambatan bengkok yang ditaja oleh Singapore dan Yahudi

Skandal HAB halal yang di beri kepada Khairy melalui pintu belakang.

Skandal Scomi - peralatan Nukelar

Skandal Kerjaan 3 Beranak yang yang bermesra dengan Lee Kuan Yew
untuk meluaskan wilayah Singapore melalui Iskandar Malaysia.

Apakah perkara2 yang melibatkan dasar kerjaan serpeti diatas yang melibatkan Khairy dan Dollah, dibiarkan ia berlalu TANPA DISIASAT.

Najib perlu berani SIASAT Khairy dan Dollah melalui PPRM untuk membersih nama kerjaan selepas Najib angkat sumpah nanti.


Sisingamangaraja Gorgor said...

Sesiapa yang yakin mempunyai bukti... Perlulah BERANI yampil ke hadapan membuat laporan...~

Jangan berdiam diri sahaja...~

Setiap "Pejuang Bangsa & Negara" mempunyai banyak tugas yang perlu dan harus diselesaikan...~


pak malau said...

Syabas Dato'Sri.Najib! BAKA Pejuang Bangsa.
Tapi hari ini Dato’ Sri. UMNO hanya berkokok diatas..dibawah masih menjadi Ayam betina yang panjang Taji, sekadar untuk menjadi tongkat ,agar dia tidak tersungkur dan tertiarap ..Bukan untuk membantu bangsa .Dan bukan pula untuk menjadi senjata untuk mempertahankan perjuangan bangsa.Akhirnya taji memakan diri,Bangsa dan perjuangan UMNO sendiri..
Hari ini segelintir pemimpin bawahan maupun atasan beranggapan UMNO itu rumah tangga anak pinak mereka.Atau menggangap UMNO itu lubuk khzanah yang ditinggalkan oleh Mak Bapak dan suku sakat mereka.Bukan untuk Bangsa.
Sebenarnya Pemimpin bawahan maupun atasan mesti beranggapan UMNO itu adalah “Rumah tangga” Bangsa Melayu. Bukan Rumah Individu .Hari ini segelintir Pemimpin atas,bawah,Bahagian,cawangan,kawasan lorong atau denai,mereka beranggapan UMNO itu Rumah Tangga MAK BAPAK mereka dan anak pinak serta suku sakat mereka.Lalu mereka mengurus rumah tangga Bangsa seperti mereka mengurus rumah tangga MAK BAPAK mereka sendiri.
Inilah hakikatnya Dato.Sri.Yang perlu pemimpin atasan hingga keperingkat terbawah perlu sedar dan berani berubah dan AKUI selepas Tsunami menyapu 5 Negeri.Bahawa UMNO itu hak Bangsa Melayu bukan Hak Individu.UMNO BUKAN RUMAH TANGGA INDIVIDU MEREKA atau Mak Bapa mereka.
Yang berani dan yang sanggup berubah seperti maksud Dato’Sri ,Demi kebaikkan Rumah tangga Bangsa hanya Pejuang BANGSA itu saja.Baka Petualang atau BAKA talibarut bangsa tidak berganjak dari perjuangan perut dan tembolok mereka.Kerana itulah perjuangan sebenar BAKA mereka.Baka Talibarut atau “BARUA” bangsa.
Cuma baka tersebut bijak bermuka muka dicelah celah perjuangan bangsa semata mata untuk mencari DANA.Pada mereka Rosak atau punahnya perjuangan bangsa tidak memberi kesan apa apa.Kerana disitu ada DANA lagi,menunggu mereka yang bijak bermuka muka untuk meneruskan agenda mulia pada pandangan BAKA mereka.

Tetapi pada Bangsa Melayu.Itulah sebuah perjuangan yang jijik,cabuk dan maha kotor yang perlu ditinggalkan oleh seluruh bangsa Melayu.Inilah saat yang ditungu tungukan oleh BAKA TALIBARUT mahupun BAKA BARUA BANGSA untuk “menangguk diair keroh” meracun FIKIRAN BANGSA dengan berbagai bagai Agenda GILA untuk punahkan perjuangan Bangsa…melalui Agama. Itu bukan Hak mutlak mainan politik kotor mereka.
Angkara Siapa? Baka Talibarut bangsa.
Siapa Mereka?
Bangsa Kita.
MELAYU yang dipesongkan melalui berbagai Agenda pemimpin yang gila Kuasa.

Anonymous said...

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